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REMIT Pakistan with TDAP trains women entrepreneurs in Hyderabad, Sindh

in Hyderabad, Sindh

Hyderabad, Sindh: Bombay Bakery’s coffee cake, beautiful handiwork, new ideas, and a passion for learning. It was an exciting two days for REMIT Pakistan with Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) in Hyderabad, Sindh to train women entrepreneurs in accounting & taxation and learn how to formalise and scale their businesses. These nationwide workshops are […]

Video: Optimizing Revenue and Public Spending in Pakistan for Inclusive Growth | Pre-Budget Consultative Workshop

Optimizing Revenue and Public Spending for Inclusive Growth Pre-Budget Consultative Workshop

Happening now in Lahore: Kicking off REMIT’s nationwide pre-budget consultation sessions on optimising revenue and public spending in partnership with SDPI Pakistan. Mr. Usman Khan (Investment Lead at REMIT Pakistan mentioned some positive outcomes while adding his comments to the 1st session: “Removing Binding Constraints on Sectoral Growth” “On revenue mobilisation in Pakistan, we were […]

REMIT Pakistan Team Briefs the Finance Minister on Proposed Economic Reforms in Pakistan

REMIT team briefed the Finance Minister of Pakistan on the programme's ongoing and proposed reforms in macroeconomic stabilisation

Today in Islamabad, the REMIT team briefed the Finance Minister 🇵🇰 on the programme’s ongoing and proposed reforms in macroeconomic stabilisation, revenue mobilisation, investment climate improvement, trade enhancement, climate finance governance and gender mainstreaming. REMIT Pakistan isl looking forward to more action in the coming days and working closely with the Finance Minister and other […]

Effective Revenue Mobilisation in Pakistan Through Digitally Transforming Tax Administration

Lahore, Pakistan

Contextualising Pakistan’s Digital Leap in Tax Administration: Learn how Adam Smith International’s REMIT Programme collaborates with Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for Revenue Mobilisation in Pakistan. Pakistan, at the crossroads of economic transformation, is embracing digital innovation in tax administration. This strategic shift, essential in the post-COVID economic landscape, mirrors global trends identified in […]